Whether you're running for school board, city council, or another local elected office, you may be wondering how you can help your fundraised dollars go as far as possible. In many areas, passing out promotional items at county or state fairs or other heavily attended public events can be the single best way to get the word out about your campaign -- but using cheap or flimsy items could contradict the message you're trying to send. What promotional items can help stretch your campaign funds and boost your voter morale? Read on to learn more about the most cost-effective and voter-friendly promotional materials to help improve your odds of being elected. 

What should you consider before selecting promotional materials for your campaign?

Before you order any promotional materials with your campaign logo or slogan, you'll want to review the relevant rules governing your campaign. For example, an attorney running for judge may be subject to a different set of ethical or campaign rules than a non-attorney running for city council, county clerk, or schoolboard, and your state may require you to put specific disclaimers or other language on any materials or promotional items you distribute.

You'll also want to consider the goal of your materials and how you'd like them to be used to promote your candidacy. If you'd like these materials to get your name out among potential voters or start some conversations about your candidacy, you'll want to give away items that are conspicuously used -- bumper stickers, key chains, lanyards, and water bottles. Handing out items that are more likely to be thrown in a desk drawer until after the election will be much less effective at promoting your campaign and may amount to wasted dollars.

What promotional materials are most popular among voters?

There are a few types of promotional materials that can fulfill the most important requirements -- getting your name out among voters and involving quick and inexpensive production. Magnetic bumper stickers have increased in popularity in recent years because of their versatility and the ability to move them around on one's vehicle without risking harm to the paint job, and these bumper stickers can be used to show support even after you've been elected. Handy household items like pens, pencils, or yardsticks can also be sought out by new homeowners, while yard signs can help your constituents show their support of your campaign to anyone who drives by.

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