If you own a business, you likely understand the importance of keeping your employees happy.  While you may have an array of benefits, and may also take the time to send out weekly or monthly emails which highlight the staff members who are meeting and exceeding expectations, there is another step that you may want to take: Giving out trophies.  Learning more about the benefits of distributing trophies to your staff can help you see why you should enact this practice right away.

Trophies Foster Healthy Competition

One of the main reasons why you should give out trophies is because it can help to foster a healthy sense of competition.  You may find that productivity increases once team members learn that they will be given a tangible item that shores up their hard work.

Understand that the people who work for your company do so in order to apply themselves and make money.  While emails are a kind gesture, they can quickly be forgotten or deleted.  You need something that lasts a bit longer so you can maximize effectiveness.

When you give out trophies, it shows that not only do you see the work that your team puts in, but that you appreciate it.  It's no longer an invisible, intangible thing because you have taken the time to actually have a trophy made.  You can even make it more special by embossing the name of the staff member on it, along with an inscribed listing of what they are being honored for.  This can help to increase morale so that your team members perform even better.

Trophies Bring The Team Together

Another reason why you should start using trophies is because it can help to bring your team together.  Each person on your staff likely notices another individual who is going above and beyond to make sure that clients are taken care of.  Bringing in a trophy system gives them the liberty to make their admiration known.

You can do something such as asking each employee to nominate another co-worker for the award, as well as give the reason why.  This fosters a sense of camaraderie that lets workers know that their good deeds haven't gone unnoticed.

Starting a trophy system at your place of business could prove to be a very wise decision.  Contact a trophy maker today so you can start giving out physical awards to your very deserving staff. For more information, contact companies like Abilene Awards & Logos.