There is no denying that COVID-19, for the time being, has changed the fabric of everyday life, including how people interact in businesses. As a business owner, you want to be sure you are taking steps to keep your employees and customers safe. The right signage can go a long way in keeping your business safely operating.

Social Distancing Floor Signs

Social distancing, the practice of standing at least six feet away from other people, has become one of the key components to stopping the spread of the virus. The truth is that not everyone is good at determining how far apart six feet is or remembering to partake in this new social norm.

You can print out floor signs that will stick to your floor with a nice graphic of some feet, and a message "Stand Here for Social Distancing," and place these signs in your store to help keep customers apart from one another.

These floor signs can be used in places where people gather, such as at the checkout or other areas where people may wait in line within your business. You may want to put these signs throughout your business if you have one where people browse. The reminder may help people keep the appropriate distance from one another.

"Open for Business" Sign

With all of the changing regulations and with many businesses not able to survive the stay-at-home orders and following restrictions, people may be unsure if you are open or still in business.

That is why during this time, it is really important to put out a business sign that lets people know you are still open. You can put up a simple "still open" banner on your front window, or you can have a sandwich-board sign you put outside announcing that you are open.

You can also add more details to your sign if the way your business operates has changed. For example, if you want people to call to check-in for appointments or you want people to call before you bring order out to them, you can add that information to your open for business sign.  

Safety Commitment

Many people only want to patronize businesses that are committed to safe hygiene for their employees and customers. You may want to put up signage inside of your business that explains the steps you are taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within your business. Your sign can also include information about steps you want your customers to take as well to help keep your business safe.

An "open" sign will let customers know you are still in business. Internal signs about your commitment to safety will let customers know what you are doing to protect them and what steps you need customers to take to keep your business operating safely. Contact a sign company today to get new business signs made.