You might already know that shipping tubes are a good choice for shipping all sorts of items because of their size and shape. Because of this, you might be interested in ordering shipping tubes sometime soon. One thing that you might not be sure about, however, is whether you should order cardboard shipping tubes or plastic shipping tubes. After all, both options are readily available from many suppliers that sell shipping supplies. Although both types of shipping tubes do have their benefits, and even though the two can typically be used interchangeably, you may want to choose cardboard shipping tubes in particular for these reasons and more.

They're Often Cheaper

One reason why people like to use shipping tubes for shipping purposes in the first place is because they know they can help them keep their shipping costs down. However, not only can you reduce postage costs by choosing the right shape of shipping container, but you can reduce your overall costs by choosing the right material, too. Cardboard shipping tubes can often be purchased for a lower price than plastic shipping tubes, so this is one way that you can save money. Additionally, they are typically lighter in weight, which means that shipping them can be more affordable when you are using a shipping method that charges based off of the weight of your package.

They Can Be Recycled

Not all plastic shipping tubes can be recycled, but you should be able to recycle your unwanted cardboard shipping tubes. This is just one step that you can take to ensure that you are shipping items in a way that is as environmentally friendly as possible. Not only is this something that you can feel good about, but it's something that many of your customers might notice and like, too. After all, more and more consumers are paying attention to things like how retailers package their products when they are making their shopping decisions.

They're Often Still Very Strong

One concern that you might have about buying cardboard shipping tubes instead of plastic shipping tubes could be about their durability. After all, you'll want to make sure that the shipping tubes that you purchase and use will do a good job of protecting the items inside, and you might assume that plastic shipping tubes will be more effective. However, many cardboard shipping tubes are actually surprisingly strong, so if you purchase good-quality cardboard shipping tubes, you should not have to worry about them not keeping your items in good shape when they're being shipped or stored.