If you love spending time in the kitchen, you may look forward to buying a home as this will open up so many opportunities for changing and improving the whole space. So, after becoming a homeowner, you may start looking at all the upgrades that you can make to the kitchen.

When you want to improve the plumbing situation, you should look at hiring a plumber who can help you come up with detailed plans, buy all the supplies, and handle the labor required.

Drinking Water Faucet

With a standard sink and faucet in your kitchen, you may not have the easiest time getting filtered water to drink because you may feel the need to use a faucet attachment or pitcher. If you want to keep your faucet from looking and feeling extra bulky, which can make it harder to wash pots and pans without the attachment getting in the way, you should invest in a drinking water faucet.

A plumber can install this separate faucet alongside the existing faucet after they implement a water filtration system underneath the sink. This will give you nearly unlimited access to filtered water that you do not have to worry about getting in the way of washing or rinsing anything.

Second Sink

If you find that your sink gets full quite often, especially when you are in the middle of cooking, you should use some empty space in the kitchen to add a second sink. This is a major addition to your kitchen because you can choose from so many design options for this installation.

For instance, you can dedicate the extra sink for cooking and go with a two-bowl or three-bowl setup to maximize your flexibility. When you keep the sink extra clean, you may feel confident enough to put fruits and vegetables directly in the sink for washing or even blanching.

Pot Filler

When you love cooking pasta, beans, and mashed potatoes at home, you may find that you use large pots filled with water on a regular basis. To minimize the amount of work that is required to fill the pot and bring it to the stovetop, you should rely on a plumber to install a pot filler. This feature will give you a long and flexible faucet for filling water anywhere on the stovetop.

Getting help from a plumber is all that you need to do to upgrade your kitchen in several ways. Contact a business like Clearwater Plumbing to learn more.