Whether you're deeply committed to the S&M lifestyle or you simply want to experiment with some new behavior in the bedroom, browsing the various products from an adult retail website will expose you to a variety of options. One device that you'll want to consider buying is a spanking paddle — a simple accessory that you can use to give your partner a smack on the buttocks according to their level of comfort. Adult retailers sell a variety of styles of spanking paddles, including the following.


If you're new to using such devices in the bedroom, it's always a good idea to take baby steps, so to speak. One way of doing so is to buy a padded spanking paddle. As its name suggests, this is a device that isn't hard on the surface but rather has a padded section. You'll still be able to give your partner a tap with it, but the impact will be considerably less. This can allow both of you to experiment and learn to what degree you like this contact.

Hand Shaped

Spanking paddles are available in a variety of shapes, including those that are roughly shaped like a canoe paddle. One option to consider is a paddle that is shaped like a hand. The shape of this device may make it look fun, but it can also deliver an impact that is more consistent with being spanked by hand. If you and your partner like the idea of trying to temporarily leave a handprint on the other's skin, this is the paddle to do the trick.

Dirty Words

Another option to consider when you shop for a plastic spanking paddle is to buy one that has a dirty word on it. This type of device can be appropriate if you like the idea of injecting dirty talk into your bedroom sessions. Adult retailers often have a selection of these paddles with various types of words displayed on them.


If both of you want to take your sessions in this direction, you can consider a plastic spanking paddle that has a textured surface. Some of these paddles have bumps on the surface, with others have small spikes. Obviously, an impact with this type of paddle will cause more temporary discomfort, but if that's what excites both of you, your adult retailer likely has the perfect product for you to buy and use.

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