It seems that everything in the modern world is streamlined. Technology has made that possible. Making insurance claims is no exception. If you are someone who likes to get things done quickly and efficiently, then you will love some of the new tools insurance companies are offering clients. These tools, particularly company apps and websites, provide insurance claims automation solutions for most claims situations.

Get Registered on the Company Website

Most insurance companies will require you to register on their website in order to access automated claims tools. Once you are registered online, you should be able to also download the app and use your login credentials there. Step-by-step information is available for claims on most insurance websites, as well as easy-to-find information about your policy. How your claim is processed will be based on your policy, so it's good to review that information before you use insurance claims automation solutions.

Upload Dated Photographs and Videos

Automated claims tools on your company app will allow you to use your phone's technology to gather all the information and evidence for a successful insurance claim. The app tool will allow you to start the claim and immediately upload photographs from a car accident or some other incident that is covered by your insurance. Not only that, but the photo feature will tell you which photos you need for a particular claim, and it will automatically date photos and videos and upload them to your case file immediately for processing. This way, the most important evidence is properly gathered and stored to a secure location where it won't be lost.

Write or Record a Report of What Happened

Most claims tools also provide a way for you to record either a written description of what happened or an audio account for review. Like the photographs, these forms of evidence can be take from the application. Many insurance companies will ask for specific descriptions with various prompts that you can include in your report. This will allow you to record or write what happened immediately after an accident while the information is fresh and easy to remember. 

Once you have used the automation tools on your app to gather photos and video and write descriptions, these will automatically be processed with your claim when you are ready to click submit. The efficiency of claims automation means not having to wait to talk to someone on the phone, and it means gathering sufficient evidence quickly. It also means that claims get processed much faster.