After the manufacturing process, the next step is to ensure that goods reach consumers in their best shape and condition. You can achieve that through proper packing and crating. Packaging and crating enable transporting goods to different places without being affected by temperature, moisture, shocks, and vibrations. Various crates facilitate the safe transportation of goods, machinery, and animals from manufacturers to suppliers. The choice of crate depends on your needs, i.e., types of goods, means of transport, and the destination. Below is the categorization of different kinds of industrial crates:

1. Bottle Crates

These types of crates are common in the beverage and food processing industries. They have holes or spaces which hold the bottles, preventing damage by knocking each other while in transit. Traditionally they were made of wood and metallic material. However, technological advancements prefer the use of plastic bottle crates. That is because plastic containers are made of high-density polyethylene material, giving them a higher resistance to radiation and impact. That enables the transportation of beverages to longer distances. These are the ideal crates if you are into alcohol or soft drink processing.

2. Metallic Containers

These crates are made of metallic materials such as aluminum and steel to make them strong and sturdy during storage and transportation of goods. They are convenient for transportation of heavy products such as machinery and furniture. They also protect goods from damage when in transit to extreme temperatures destinations. If you are in an industry that requires heavy-duty packing, then metal containers are the best solution. Another significant advantage of metal containers is that they are robust and reusable; hence, they can last for many years without replacing, saving you purchasing cost.

3. Wooden sheathed crates

These crates are made of wood and are completely sealed to prevent moisture, water, and wind from getting in contact with goods on transit. They are suitable for overseas shipping goods that cannot be transported in metallic containers. These crates are common in transporting military weapons and equipment to wars zone, providing secure packing solutions. Additionally, you can use these containers to ship heavy and non-perishable goods like building and construction materials to different countries. 

4. Open Crates

Unlike sheathed crates, these containers are open and have air spaces around them. They are convenient for packing and transporting highly perishable goods such as farm products because they need air to prevent damage due to high temperatures. Besides highly perishable goods, they are suitable for large but lightweight products like cotton and hay. You should pack your products in open crates when dealing with farm products and natural animal feeds.


Packing and crating determine the conditions in which your goods reach the market. It also speaks a lot about your company's brand and credibility. To ensure safe storage and transportation of goods, you should hire a professional industrial packing and crating company to design the most suitable crates for your products.