Asphalt line striping is one of the most essential — and often overlooked — aspects of maintaining a commercial parking lot. Not only does striped pavement help delineate parking spaces and traffic flow, but it can also improve the overall appearance of your property. However, with all the different products and application techniques, asphalt line striping can be a daunting task for even the most experienced facility manager. So here are some tips, tricks, and tools to get the job done right.


Not all line striping paints are created equal. When selecting a paint for your project, be sure to choose one specifically designed for asphalt surfaces to ensure good adhesion and durability. Water-based acrylics are generally the best option, as they are easy to apply and provide excellent visibility. Oil-based paints are also an option, but they can be more challenging to work with and have a strong odor.

Application Techniques

There are two main methods for applying line striping paint: hand painting and machine painting. Hand painting is best for small jobs or areas that require intricate patterns or designs. As a facility manager, you can easily have someone on your team touch up a small area of worn paint.

Machine painting, however, is faster and more efficient for large jobs. A professional asphalt line striping crew can get the entire parking lot done over the weekend when the parking lot is empty.

Rules of Thumb

No matter which method you choose, there are a few general rules of thumb that will help you achieve crisp, clean lines every time:

  • Use tape or stencils to create straight lines and perfectly round corners when hand-painting. Freehand drawing is more likely to result in uneven lines.
  • Clean the pavement surface before painting to remove any dirt, debris, or oil that could prevent the paint from adhering properly. If you are hiring a professional crew for asphalt line striping, ask if they include parking lot sweeping as an add-on service.
  • If possible, painted lines should be allowed to dry overnight before vehicles are allowed to park in the area, which is why completing the project over the weekend is ideal for most businesses.
  • When in doubt, hire a professional. A well-executed asphalt line striping job can make a world of difference in the appearance (and safety) of your parking lot.

Asphalt line striping may seem like a small task, but it can have a big impact on the overall appearance of your building. Contact a local company today if you need help planning an asphalt line striping job.